ECDL Update

Just a short post to remind you to keep working on your ECDL during Work Experience.

When you return from Work Experience, you only have 4 weeks until Easter.

The minimum target for next term is to complete your Module 4 (Spreadsheets) and Module 5 (Database) exams.

If you get these done, then you will be on track to complete all 7 exams by the end of May.

If you would like a break from eLearning, then have a look at this site for help in doing all the ECDL modules or you can find some very good tutorial videos on Youtube.

For example, here’s a series of videos on Access 2010.

Mr. Heffernan will be taking you through all the material you need. I will also be calling into the class next term to see how you are getting on.

Some of you will have all 7 exams completed shortly. Let me know when you have them done and I will then set you up for Advanced ECDL.

Enjoy the break and email me if you have any questions on ECDL during the year or call into my office any time.


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